Hacking for Fun and Profit

Ixia Editor
March 17, 2011

By Areg Alimian, Product Management Director

It's no secret that cybercrime is on the rise, and that hackers are getting more organized and more sophisticated, but did you know that a third of all the malware in existence was released in the last 12 months? 20 million new strains of malware unleashed in one year. That’s an astonishing statistic. At that volume and rate of evolution, security appliance designers and IT managers have a near-impossible task in defending networks, and testing companies have a tough time staying ahead of the curve.

Evolution of New Malware Classified by PandaLabs. Source: PandaLabs Annual Report 2010.

Since hacking has now 'blossomed' into such a lucrative enterprise (the cybercrime economy was estimated at over $1 trillion in 2010), we have to expect that this growth rate will continue. Enterprises will be relying on network security devices more than ever before to protect their revenues and reputations.

Thorough testing of network security devices is the only way to truly understand their effectiveness and performance limits. Preparing to fend off cyberattacks requires a test solution that can pound the device under test with a combination of legitimate application traffic and malicious attack traffic, and then measure end-user quality of experience (QoE) as the relative volumes are tweaked. Ixia's IxLoad-Attack software does this by creating real-world traffic profiles, stateful to L7, and interspersing the industry's most comprehensive suite of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, vulnerability attacks and malware. IxLoad-Attack comes with a huge database of known vulnerabilities and malware, allowing the user to launch more than 6,000 unique attacks, and that list is updated bi-weekly to make sure it stays current.

This update frequency is critical, since test cases must continuously adapt to the changing threat landscape. Testing with IxLoad-Attack is the best defense available, and the best way to assure your Enterprise customers that their security infrastructure is as prepared as it can possibly be.

For more information, check out our white paper on Network Security Testing or request a demo of IxLoad-Attack.

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